testing ground: N200 Alfa Romeo 4C - Brands Hatch GP

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Re: testing ground: N200 Alfa Romeo 4C - Brands Hatch GP

Post by praiano63 » Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:18 am

After some test on Alsace road, i ve found a behaviors that the car was showing less on other tracks at least not at this level and i did not like it at all.
When you enter a corner , the weight transfer on the rear is ok , smooth and progressive, but when you arrive at a certain level of rear grip, in the way of staying on it , you can feel that this rear grip increase stoping the inertia of the move. At this moment , the front grip that does not change is not enough and unbalance totally the car inducing a big understeer.
I will try to correct this but i don t think it is due to settings but yes as it seems , a kind of little help of the game to not loose the rear. :cry:
I will be back to give some news soon.
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