Unnerving Incident

Here's where we'll post our impressions of our first test sample, the DriveHub by CollectivbeMinds. Want to use a G27 on a PS4? All you need is DriveHub.
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Unnerving Incident

Post by Waddy » Sat Oct 14, 2017 1:38 pm

This morning I was 38 laps into the 200 lap full race at Indy when my PS4 turned off by itself. There was a slight 'bzzzt', I think, then nothing. I couldn't turn it on again even after I unplugged it then plugged it in again. It was dead. Next, I unplugged the DriveHub's USB connection and everything was back to normal.
The PS4 is plugged into a UPC so it wasn't a power surge/or dip in the electricity. I'm switching back to my G29 and I'll try again in a few days. I'm not saying the DriveHub was at fault, just noting this in case anyone else has noticed the same behaviour. Everything went fine with GT Sport and in many lobbies/career races with PCars 2. This might be an anomaly. If I complete the 200 lap race with the G29, then we'll see if the problem is duplicated elsewhere.
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Re: Unnerving Incident

Post by OldDarth » Sat Oct 14, 2017 2:56 pm


Thanks for the heads up.

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